At Wide Screen Interior, we look for craftsmanship of the highest quality. We love smart design and modular multi-purpose pieces. When it comes to sofas, we are only satisfied with the highest level of seating comfort. And so we soon arrived at the handmade masterpieces of de Sede.

Come along to test the models in the showroom. You will find that you never want to stand up straight again. We also have all of de Sede's leather and fabric samples for you to see and feel. So you can pick exactly the right colour and feel.

Below is an indication of prices, but these may vary depending on the leather or fabric chosen.

The DS-600 is infinitely modular, additional elements can be added at any time. One of de Sede's iconic designs since 1972 and still timelessly elegant.

The geometric lines of the DS-226 shine in their simplicity. This piece is also modular: it transforms from an armchair into a recliner in the blink of an eye.

The DS-142 really can do it all. This modular chaise longue transforms in a second from a formal seat to a comfortable resting place to lean back in with your feet up.

Come test out these models in our showroom.

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