Our sound control systems are both functional and aesthetic. Even better: they can be the showpiece of your interior. Our experts will be happy to give you tailored advice on high-quality acoustic solutions to suit the style and purpose of your space. We are distributors of Artnovion, Kvadrat and Buzzispace.

Artnovion panels are also used in the professional music industry. Not only do these eye-catchers look particularly attractive, your acoustic experience improves measurably with a Artnovion panel in the room.

Together with architects and designers, Kvadrat designs unique and sustainable acoustic solutions. These statement-pieces transform not only your interior but also the acoustics.

Belgian company BuzzySpace's designs are not only pleasing to the eye, they also have superior acoustic qualities.

Our expertise

As a leading high-end audio shop, we have in-depth expertise in acoustics. Our years of experience enable us to select with precision and care the most pioneering brands, which employ groundbreaking technologies to ensure unparalleled sound quality.

You can view several examples in our showroom. We present an impressive collection consisting of both eye-catchers and subtle, minimalist panels that delicately optimise the acoustic quality of your room.

Our team of specialised professionals is ready to guide you in making the right choice. We have the knowledge and understanding of the latest developments in acoustics to ensure you find the perfect solution that fully meets your specific needs and aesthetic preferences.

Why acoustic solutions?

Sound quality is essential in creating the right atmosphere and ambience in any room, be it a living room, a professional recording studio or a restaurant.

Our team of expert technicians is ready to help you install and optimise audio systems from Wide Screen Audio and all sound solutions from Wide Screen Interior's range. So you can enjoy your music to the max.

Contact us for tailor-made advice.